Steve Carey

As a bassplayer, Eddie regularly performs in the Irish musicbar the Mulligans in Amsterdam. With Steve Carey and Kim Stevenson he used to form the Low Flying Penguins. Steve Carey, who died on january 12th, 2007, played guitar and sang mellow songs, mainly originals. In 1998 he recorded a cd with several other musicians, amongst which Eddie on bassguitar, electric guitar and, on one song, the harp. Margôt sings backingvocals here and there.

Steve's cd is called Kingfisher blue and it contains these ten songs:

1 Kingfisher blue 6 She belongs to the rain
2 Head over heels 7 Chi chillum chipati
3 Lazy 8 Lady of the night
4 Clare has dreams 9 Steve's blues
5 Catman in Katmandu 10 Antwerpen in the rain

The songs that Steve has written, have the same soothing effect as the Sunflower cd's. His pleasant voice and dito guitarplaying create an atmosphere of tranquility, joy and warmth. Ton van Bergeijk plays bluesharp on this cd. Ton also appaers on the Sunflower-cd's New Life en Gentle. Furthermore, Kim Stevenson plays acoustic guitar and Steve Bradshaw is the fiddleplayer.

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